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Comprehensive Fuel Managment System Allows End-Users to Optimize Equipment Performance

ST. LOUIS, June 8, 2015 – Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. (“FPS” or the “Company”) (OTC QB: IFUE) announced today that the Fuel Efficiency Management (“FEM”) program, a joint program between FPS and distribution partner Unipart Rail, is poised for deployment across both the rail and road transport sectors in the U.K. and Europe.

“Given the changing fuel dynamics in the U.K. and Europe and the subsequent problems end-users are experiencing across all industries as a result, we see a huge market opportunity for the FEM program,” said Axel Farhi, FPS’s Director of Global Business Development. “This changing fuel dynamic and its effect on fuel and equipment is the reason that Unipart Rail and FPS developed the FEM program.”

“Since the third quarter of 2014, our commercial efforts have been focused on the development of, preparation for, and the launch of a comprehensive fuel solutions program (the “FEM program”) in conjunction with distribution partner Unipart Rail,” continued Mr. Farhi. “The FEM program is now ready for deployment and we expect a number of end-users to adopt use of the FEM program during the remainder of 2015.”

“We are currently engaged with numerous rail and road transport operators and the level of interest in adopting the FEM program is high,” concluded Mr. Farhi.

The FEM Program

The FEM program is a comprehensive fuel efficiency program that will provide a tanker to vehicle tank fuel solutions service to end-users of diesel fuel.

The program consists of: bulk fuel tank testing; bulk fuel tank conditioning; fuel additive dosing equipment; use of DiesoLiFT(TM), FPS’s proprietary fuel additive formulation that enhances the performance of diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends; and on-going fuel and fuel tank analysis and monitoring.

Since the fourth quarter of 2014, Unipart Rail has vetted and sourced equipment vendors for each of the previously mentioned activities. Unipart Rail has also set up a team dedicated to the deployment of the FEM program.

“We have developed a solution to mitigate the challenges posed by the increasing bio-diesel content and ULSD implications of modern diesel fuels.  In not only mitigating these challenges, we have created a comprehensive solution that is extensively proven to provide improved fuel economy, reduce environmental impact and increase equipment reliability.” said Mike Smith, Product Manager for Unipart Rail’s FEM program.

“The deliberate process of sourcing and vetting equipment providers is complete, which coupled with our continued build-up internally of personnel, resources and know how, has put us in a position to begin the roll out of the FEM program to our client base” adds Mr. Smith, concluding “We are excited to now officially launch this unique next generation fuel solution to all consumers of diesel, across rail and road sectors nationally and globally.”

The FEM program allows end-users to:

  • Improve fuel economy resulting in less fuel expense;

  • Reduce maintenance expenses and elongate the operational life of their equipment;

  • Maximize the operating performance of their equipment; and

  • Reduce their carbon footprint as better fuel economy translates into less fuel burnt which results in less harmful emissions.

The FEM program also addresses perhaps the biggest concern associated with the changing fuel dynamic: engine warranties. Once in-specification fuel is delivered to an end-user, the quality of that fuel and the responsibility to maintain that fuel within specification, transfers to the end-user. If the end-user’s bulk fuel tank and/or fuel system is compromised due to sludge, microbial contamination, water and/or deposits, the fuel could immediately become out-of-specification, thereby nullifying the engine warranty.

The FEM program helps mitigate risks associated with the changing fuel dynamics, enabling in-specification fuel to be delivered to any diesel engine and is a key requirement in fulfilling OEM warranty conditions.

Unipart Rail is the leading specialist provider of the supply chain services to train and freight operators and railway infrastructure in the U.K. Unipart Rail also has offices in Australia, China, North America and supplies materials and services internationally. Working collaboratively with customers is part of Unipart Rail’s philosophy and this was recognized at the 2015 UK Rail Industry where the company won the BS 110000 Collaborative Working Award.

With over 800 employees, Unipart Rail is a major partner to the rail industry and has extensive expertise in Infrastructure and Traction & Rolling Stock systems and products.

For more information on Unipart Rail’s commitment to the FEM program: http://www.unipartrail.com/dieselperformance.html.

For Unipart Rail’s product brochure for DiesoLiFT(TM): http://www.unipartrail.com/assets/j2540_diesolift-brochure_st3.pdf.

Unipart Rail is part of Unipart Group, a multinational supply chain, manufacturing and consultancy company headquartered in the U.K. with operations in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan. Unipart Group works across a variety of sectors that includes automotive, rail, marine and leisure, employs thousands of personnel worldwide and has annual revenues of approximately $1.25 billion.

About Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc.

Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc., formerly International Fuel Technology, Inc., is a company focused on providing fuel performance solutions to large, industrial consumers of diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends in the rail, road transport, stationary power generation and marine industries.

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