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For years our focus has been upon proving that our products and technology performs and are environmentally safe in test-bed and controlled field trial environments.

We have undertaken intensive product development, research and testing regimes to achieve the development and the market-tests of a premium product.

  • Diesel / Bxx

    DiesoLiFTTM 10 Fuel consumption and emissions reducing additive – Increase engine power – Bio-degradable

    DiesoLiFTTM EM-1 Engine power increase – Bio-degradable

    DiesoLiFTTM FEB Fuel consumption and emissions reduction, power increase – Stabilizing B5 to B30 biodiesel blends

    PerfoLiFTTM PP-Series Performance packages, incorporating FPS’s fuel efficient core technology

    PerfoLiFTTM C-Series Cetane index boosters

    PerfoLiFTTM D-Series Dispersants/Detergents

  • Gasoline / Exx

    GasoLiFTTM 10 Fuel consumption and emissions reducing additive – Increase engine power – Bio-degradable

    GasoLiFTTM EM-2 Engine power increase (gasoline) – Bio-degradable

    PerfoLiFTTM PP-Series Performance packages, incorporating FPS’s fuel efficient core technology

  • Diesel and gasoline

    PerfoLiFTTM AO-series Antioxidants

    PerfoLiFTTM AC-series Anticorrosions

    PerfoLiFTTM LI-series Lubricity improvers (ester, amide and acid based)

  • Bio-diesel B100

    PerfoLiFTTM BD-Series Antioxidants/stabilizers for bio-diesel

  • LFO – kerosene

    KeroLiFTTM 10 Increases fuel efficiency and calorific value – Reduces emissions and smoke -System cleaner – Bio-degradable

    PerfoLiFTTM HO-101 Performance package, burner/boiler efficiency, increased calorific value, reduced emissions & smoke, low temperature properties


DiesoLiFTTM 10

DiesoLiFT™10 is FPS’s combustion enhancing formulation that increases fuel economy, reduces harmful emissions and reduces maintenance costs when mixed with diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends.

Diesel + DiesoLiFT™10 = Superior Diesel

DiesoLiFT™10 creates improved lubricity, co-solvency of water, and cleaning of fuel systems, all of which help to reduce maintenance costs. It also reduces emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), unburned hydrocarbons (UHCs) and carbon monoxide (CO), which means that you are also making great strides to help the environment.

With these benefits, combined with the proven 3-6% improvement in fuel economy that it delivers, DiesoLiFT™10 has become the clear choice for those who wish to:

  • Maintain high performance of their engine
  • See a significant increase in fuel economy
  • Reduce maintenance costs (short and long term)
  • Experience longer engine life
  • Lower emissions and help to preserve the environment.

DiesoLiFT™10 has been tested and used commercially in over-the-road, rail, marine and stationary power generation applications.

PerfoLiFTTM BD-Series

The PerfoLiFT™BD-Series is FPS’s formulation specifically designed to provide superior oxidation stability and deposit control benefits when mixed with bio-diesel fuel, both pure and in blends.
High-performance solution for bio-diesel and bio-diesel blends.

The PerfoLiFT™BD-Series consists of unique compositions specifically engineered for the stabilization of bio-diesel bases of various origins (ex: soybean, jatropha, palm and animal fat) and blends (ex: B-5, B-20, B-50) used as fuel in diesel engines.  Made of complex mixtures of chemical molecules, the PerfoLiFT™BD-Series provides exceptional protection against premature and developing oxidation, and remarkable storage stability and deposit control benefits.


DiesoLiFT™ FEB is FPS’s additive formulation for use with bio-diesel fuel blends.  It combines all of the benefits of DiesoLiFT™ with the bio-diesel fuel stability benefits of PerfoLiFT™.

GasoLiFTTM 10

GasoLiFT™ 10 is FPS’s additive formula for gasoline and ethanol fuel blends and delivers the same major benefits delivered by all FPS’s surfactant-based additives.

Applying surfactant technology to gasoline and ethanol fuel blends.
The GasoLiFT™10 formula effectively applies FPS’s surfactant technology to gasoline and ethanol blends.  Use of GasoLiFT™10 brings significant improvements in engine performance, improved fuel economy, and as a result, great reduction in fuel costs.

The additive increases lubricity, which reduces engine wear, while the detergency and water co-solvency maintain cleanliness in the fuel system, all of which contributes to a reduced need for costly maintenance.

GasoLiFT™10 also works to reduce harmful emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter (PM), unburned hydrocarbons (UHCs), and carbon monoxide (CO).

KeroLiFTTM 10

KeroLiFT™10 is engineered for use with heating oils for use in boilers and other oil-fired equipment applications.

KeroLiFT™ brings FPS’s exciting new additive technology to the world of heating oils.

As with our other revolutionary formulations, KeroLiFT™ 10 utilizes unique surfactant chemistry. However, KeroLiFT™10 has been specifically formulated to bring added benefits to heating oils, fuel systems, and oil burners for all oil-fired equipment applications.

The remarkable surfactant molecules of the KeroLiFT™10 formulation coat the entire fuel system, increasing lubricity, while the detergent character of the molecules prevents deposit formation on fuel burners.  Dispersal of the KeroLiFT™10 surfactant molecules throughout the fuel results in superior atomization and efficiency of combustion.  This achieves a remarkable reduction in fuel costs and greatly decreases emissions.

As well as improving an oil-fired system’s performance, KeroLiFT™10 has a positive effect on the environment by reducing harmful emissions and ‘greenhouse’ gases, and eliminating black smoke.

From fuel tank to burner, KeroLiFT™10 brings improved performance and reduces costs in any fuel system and oil burner for all oil-fired equipment applications, all while benefiting the environment.

PerfoLiFTTM PP-Series

The PerfoLiFT™ PP-Series – Performance packages, incorporating FPS’s fuel efficiency technology, for diesel and gasoline.

For any technical questions regarding FPS products, please contact Axel Farhi.