Unipart Rail is part of Unipart Group, a multinational logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and consultancy company with operations in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan serving a variety of sectors that include automotive, rail, marine and leisure. Unipart distributes to and services most of the rail and road transport operators in the U.K. They have over 10,000 employees and annual revenues of approximately $1.25 billion. Initial focus: rail, U.K., Europe and Australia.

Unipart has set up a new initiative within their company (“Diesel Performance Solutions” group), specifically designed to advance the Fuel Efficiency Management program in conjunction with Fuel Performance Solutions:



Brenntag is a global leader in the distribution and manufacture of industrial and speciality chemicals, additives and lubricants. Brenntag has a global network of more than 400 locations in 70 countries, with annual revenues of $12 billion. Initial focus: Europe. In 2016 Brenntag will launch an organized concerted effort to promote and sell Fuel Performance Solutions’ fuel additive formulations throughout their system in Europe. A division of Brenntag (Multisol) is also Fuel Performance Solutions’ outsourced manufacturing partner ensuring the delivery of quality products on a timely basis.



Nordmann Rassmann is a leading international distributor of specialty chemicals, lubricants and fuel additives. Nordmann sells its portfolio of high quality products throughout Germany, Austria, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Switzerland. Nordmann, founded in 1912, has annual revenues of $450 million. Primary focus: Fuel Performance Solutions’ PerfoLiFT line of bio-diesel stabilization additives.



IPU Group design and manufacture high quality, engine starting, engine control, fuel polishing and oil conditioning products for critical diesel and gas engine applications. Their engineered solutions provide reliability and confidence where you need it most – for power generation, the oil and gas industry, offshore and marine, industrial and off highway applications. By applying their knowledge and expertise they help you to be certain of your equipment productivity, performance and safety.